Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Giveaway: AMY BUTLER Fat Quarter Quilting Bundle

How many times do we hear this word?
It seems like the solution for our time is motivation!
People screaming “yes I can” jumping with hands high and making the office floor shake, things like that...
And I here facing my cutting board, asking myself: “Where do I begin?”
Making quilts is something that requires sincere motivation. So many steps. It isn’t something that starts and ends in one day...if you lose the motivation, you give up in the middle; simply fold everything and guard in your bag and hide inside the wardrobe.
You have the will, but at times, don’t you lose motivation?
Many things motivate me: coffee, chocolate, the SPMQG meetings, posts from artists that I admire. But nothing leaves me more motivated than smell, or better, than the perfume of new fabrics just arrived in my sweet home from inside of the dear “flat rate” of USPS.
You already imagined sewing something when you saw the fabric in the store. But when it arrives at your house in your hand, your mind explodes with colors, ideas, and the will to sew all night is imense!
I only think to cut, sew, and sing Beth, thinking about my poor husband. hahahahaha
Well, I would adore to share this motivational experience with you all.
With this being said, I’m going to raffle here, in the blog, a kit with 6 fat quarters of the last collection by Amy Butler, the Cameo.

I chose this beautiful kit from Moona Fabrics. It is super easy to participate.
I’m going to use Rafflecopter, which is a great raffle system online.
Each option that you click, you have more chances to win.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The raffle will be on November 5th!!!!
The winner will have to email their delivery address so that Sue da Moona Fabrics can send the package of precious fabrics!
Fingers crossed and motivation to organize space on the shelves to receive your beautiful fabrics! ;D Pin It

Monday, October 1, 2012

Up - My new Quilt

Finally, I bought the Flea Market Fancy Collection by Denise Schimidt.
It took awhile, but I bought it.
Ah, such a beautiful thing! How is it possible to find the power to cut such a grand treasure?


I thought, “if it has to be cut, it will only be a little.”
There’s no chance that I will make big mean pieces that will destroy my whole beautiful collection.
No, I don’t accept this!
Ah, but a collection like this deserves a quilt!
A quilt is a good idea. I will cut only a little, together with the white and it’s made!
Ready! I found the solution to my problem. Choosing an economical block was the rule of the game!
I worked with Half Square Triangles and constructed this quilt in a few days.
A little fabric, but a big result! ;D
The excitement was so strong that as a result, the joyous colorful quilt was exactly what the collection deserved.

 For the lining, I chose thin green stripes. Look how cool the quilting is with fabric.
Making the quilt was very simple, straight lines all around. What I thought was super cool was that the quilting valued the top triangles and in the lining, it formed this design that gained more power with the stripes! ;D

 Ah, the binding I chose is this really pretty plaid from Fernando Maluhy. The fabric is printed this way to form a bias pattern.
I didn’t need to cut the strips in the binding to have this effect that I liked so much!!!! =)

 The quilt only brought me happiness, because beyond having stayed so pretty, it didn’t cost me much fabric from my collection! =D
“Up” is already available in my Etsy Shop.

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