Monday, October 1, 2012

Up - My new Quilt

Finally, I bought the Flea Market Fancy Collection by Denise Schimidt.
It took awhile, but I bought it.
Ah, such a beautiful thing! How is it possible to find the power to cut such a grand treasure?


I thought, “if it has to be cut, it will only be a little.”
There’s no chance that I will make big mean pieces that will destroy my whole beautiful collection.
No, I don’t accept this!
Ah, but a collection like this deserves a quilt!
A quilt is a good idea. I will cut only a little, together with the white and it’s made!
Ready! I found the solution to my problem. Choosing an economical block was the rule of the game!
I worked with Half Square Triangles and constructed this quilt in a few days.
A little fabric, but a big result! ;D
The excitement was so strong that as a result, the joyous colorful quilt was exactly what the collection deserved.

 For the lining, I chose thin green stripes. Look how cool the quilting is with fabric.
Making the quilt was very simple, straight lines all around. What I thought was super cool was that the quilting valued the top triangles and in the lining, it formed this design that gained more power with the stripes! ;D

 Ah, the binding I chose is this really pretty plaid from Fernando Maluhy. The fabric is printed this way to form a bias pattern.
I didn’t need to cut the strips in the binding to have this effect that I liked so much!!!! =)

 The quilt only brought me happiness, because beyond having stayed so pretty, it didn’t cost me much fabric from my collection! =D
“Up” is already available in my Etsy Shop.

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