Thursday, September 27, 2012

In other pace and happier

Nowadays, my body forces me to slow down.
I was always considered “Allegro con fuoco”, now I have to accept the title “Adagio”
Since my fall, I reduced my pace and it definitely hasn’t made me suffer.
Instead, I am realizing other things that I have never noticed. All those small details...
Making a quilt demands this current pace. A lot of peace and tranquility is needed to have an end result leaving you happy and hearing your daughter say “awesome!”

 I finished this quilt on the weekend. I quilted with calmness and put the bindings on even more calmly!
The result: peace and tranquility, maybe a consequence from the white color.
The happiness? Probably from the small colored squares...
But now I see clearly. I had to fall, to hurt myself to see that the rhythm was wrong.

 It’s life giving me a new chance...

I quilted without rushing and enjoying each detail of the production!

My new quilt is already available in the store. It is a super cute baby quilt, perfect to give as a gift for that baby in your heart.
Slowly, but always...making quilts... Pin It

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