Monday, September 24, 2012

The warmth of cotton

I freak out when I see cloth in the garbage. You can call me crazy, but I don’t care! People that sew and have a serious business with quilts can see in each snip of cloth, a world of possibilities.

Many scraps, in this cold weather and with help from my Bernardo, began the process of this baby quilt on the weekend.
It’s still an unfinished job, but I think that I will quilt today due to the rain.

Guys, how about my son’s idea to put the strips together? He has potential! ;D


After to trim the blocks, it was very hard to throw the remains in the garbage....But it’s impossible it use them any more! =(

I was wanting to make this project for a long time, but it only happened now! It’s a very popular pattern in the modern world. I made some alterations of size and liked the result!

And the last step, which might be boring, made a big difference...a very hot iron!

White or colored cotton really keeps life warm, don’t you agree?! Pin It

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