Thursday, September 27, 2012

Porridge and Colored Fabric

It’s porridge season here at home. 
The children wait for the cold days to ask for porridge, in any flavor. 
And these days I discovered a new use for corn starch, my best friend during the cold porridge days. 
A few weeks ago I fell in the street and since then I can’t sit for too long or else I feel so much pain. Sewing is now a challenge.
 I have made things for the children, for me, and for the house. In general, I don’t have time for silly, pleasurable, and unnecessary little things, because my life is always rushed. But as I don’t have a choice, I am in continuing in another pace, more tranquil and less physical.

 During these days, I thought about making a tree in the children’s room. I always wanted to buy those lovely adhesives, but they are so expensive. With so many  fabrics in this house I refuse to spend a cent! 

I found this tutorial and it inspired me since corn starch doesn’t lack at home and there are beautiful colored fabrics all around. =) 
A little recipe for the starch: 

-3 teaspoons of corn starch
-2 tablespoons of cold water 
 Just mix the two in a bowl and after put one cup of hot water, stir and leave to cool.

I found it very simple, the whole job. The result was super cool! Some notes, if you would like to be adventurous and use this technique: 

-A lot can be done with a recipe, but a single one is more than enough. 
-A damp cloth close by is going to help a lot with cleaning the area and wall (excess of glue) 
-The fact of only using corn starch with water is brilliant for whoever has children or pets. 
-Use a lot of glue, soak each piece of fabric with it. My tree lost the four last leaves and when I couldn’t stand reattaching them over and over again, I used a little glue. 
-Since it’s easily removable, if you are the changeable type or you live in a rented home, it’s the perfect project. Just rub off the fabric with clean damp cloth. 
-Large pieces should really be cut, to make life easier! 
-I made it in two days. In the end, I had to make more glue and apply some leaves that were falling off. It felt nice to finally finish. 
-My tree took two days to be totally dry. 

The kids love the tree. They participated in the choice of fabrics, glued various leaves, and enjoyed themselves very much. 
Regardless of the tree, cloth, and porridge, the coolest part was making the tree with them. 
Cool project for the winter holidays! ;D Pin It

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