Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sherbet Pips

Organizing the photos for this post is what gave me an idea of how much time it took to finish this job.
My quilt, using these dear fabrics, was ready at last!

 Bought in July of last year, my favorite fabrics of the collection, Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey, weren’t touched for a good amount of time.
 Difficult to cut, get it?

Aneela Hoey is a brilliant artist that I have followed for a long time. When she announced that Moda would make fabrics with her illustration, I almost went crazy.
I already made a quilt with Little Apples, but my desire is definitely to have every fabric from Aneela.
Not to mention the embroidery patterns ! Oh my!
I finally got the courage to choose a simple pattern (Small Plates by Elizabeth Hartman) that wouldn’t “shred” the print. I cut the pieces of fabric, but it’s still possible to see the girl’s head and the dog’s tail! hahahaha
I joined other dear prints together and was assembling the work without rushing.

And it was during this job that I used the free quilting of my Horizon for the first time and it didn’t disappoint. The machine was worth every cent!


  I worked a plaid print in the lining, a pale pink color on the top part of the quilt and put a strip of patterned pieces

 I think that I gave a great sweetness with this rose color and small plaid print!

It took days and days to hand stitch the binding, but it’s a thing that I love to do! I even had helpers. ^_ ^


I am extremely happy with the result, after all with fabric this beautiful it is easy to keep the job enjoyable! =) 
My new quilt is already available in my Etsy Shop.

So cute, made with a lot of care and all the poetry of Aneela Hoey’s prints.

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