Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mom and fashion designer

Nina has proved to be a very demanding client and a model full of personality.
She picks the fabrics, poses in the photos and enjoys herself with me, her personal stylist. I’ve enjoyed my free time (rarely) each day to make clothes for Nina. 
She picked the fabric full of flowers to her dress. I was forced to buy endless meters of the so called Fernando Maluhy fabric, which is beautiful and soft.
I chose one of the projects from Liesl Gibson, my favourite children’s clothing designer!

Its loose fit makes it perfect for playtime, while its light cloth makes it perfect as a summer dress!

 And Nina enjoys watching the clothing production and trying on clothes. At the time of the photo shoots, she is one very serious model!

And we have fun this way: gathering fabric scraps, scratching paper with colored chalk.
She’s getting bigger and I’m loving every little moment of this.

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