Friday, September 28, 2012

Tutorial: Ironing Board

Needless to say that I don’t iron clothes.
After I opened my eyes to the quantity of time and energy (electrical and physical) spent during this activity, I simply gave up being the perfect wife!
I have an ironing board, but I only use it in the studio to iron my dear cloths!

Only one ironing board is difficult in my life and for the students of the studio, so how to provide more boards was an urgent question.
But where to put it?
I thought to buy that wall model, but I was discouraged seeing the price and in the end, it would not be so useful.
So then it was the moment to create my own ironing board.
I made two small boards from my table, but if you liked the idea you can make it in the size of your necessity and for the space that you have.
If you have a mega workbench, can you imagine a giant board for you to finish all of your ironing?
The tutorial is more a tip than a list of instruction because it’s something that you can make in 5 minutes. I took 10 minutes to make these two boards.
Ah and in economic terms, it is incredible, you use shreds (what I always talk about not throwing in the garbage) and spend almost nothing.

Let’s go!!!!


-MDF board (as desired)
-A piece of quilt batting to cover the wood
-100% cotton fabric for the top
-Upholstering stapler with staples

The wood was the only thing that gave me work because it had to go to DIY shop (which is super close to my house) and aks the nice boy to cut in the middle for me. It took secondd to cut the wood! 
Guys, what's that wood cutting machine?! I want one!

 Now that the wood is cut, you only have to cut the blanket to be a bit larger in size (as the photo).

 Start folding the blanket (you don’t need to fold the corners as in the photo but it’s totally neat)

With the stapler you’re going to secure the blanket all around the board.

First step finished? Now you are only to repeat what you just did with the wood and blanket, using the fabric that you chose!

 You blinked and when looked again, the board was already finished and beautiful!

 I made mine the size of the cutting mat, now I can put the two together on the table!


To open the seams now is the only joy in my beautiful boards, many sighs in this moment! ^_ ^

 Important Notes:
-I spent USD$6 on the two MDF boards
-You can put two quilt batting on your board if the was very thin. You can also use an old bathroom towel, it’s good too!
-The stapler is super easy to find in specialty stores or arts ‘n crafts stores. You can also buy online for a good price. I paid USD$12 for the stapler and 200 staples. Now I can staple the whole house, the kids and much more!LOL

 -After everything is finished, you’ll have a desire to go crazy ironing clothes...ok! no way!!! hahahahah Pin It

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